Feature Film 

Turkis i Dondurma was directed by Can Ulkay and filmed for 4 months in Istanbul.


The film is set in 1915 Australia and tells the story of two Turkish ice cream sellers who attempted to prevent the British Army from transporting Australian troops to Canakakale.

The cast includes; Ali Atay, Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, Şebnem Bozoklu, Alma Terzić and Marleen Matthews. 

A.D. Kingdom and Empire


A.D. Kingdom and Empire first aired on NBC in 2015 and then later on Netflix. The show tracked the events following the crucifixion of Christ, when many of his associates, including his mother and key political/religious figures, were instantly altered. Will played series regular Cornelius who was the first Roman to become a Christian. 

The show was filmed for seven months in Ouarzazate Morocco.  The cast includes; Adam Levy, Richard Coyle, Vincent Regan, Joanne Whalley, Jodhi May, Babou Ceesay, Chipo Chung and Greta Scacchi.  


The show was produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. 


Feature Film

THE LAST WITNESS tells the true story of Stephen Underwood, an English journalist who uncovered the massacre of 22,000 Polish POW's by Russian troops in the complex post-war political climate. 

The film was written and directed by Piotr Szkopiak and produced by Carol Harding. 

Will Thorp plays Colonel Janusz Pietrowski, a Polish soldier stationed in England. 


The cast also includes; Alex Pettyfer, Michael Gambon, Gwilym Lee, Talulah Riley, Michael Byrne and Robert Wieckiewicz. 

Guest appearances 




Will played series regular Woody, a paramedic, in Casualty on BBC1. Will worked on the show 2 years between 2004 and 2006  appearing in over a hundred episodes. 

unhallowed ground

Feature Film

Unhallowed Ground is a horror film about a group of students who spend a night patrolling the eerie grounds of the historic Dhoultham School as part of an initiative with the British Army to provide rich kids with basic military training.


As each hour passes the teenagers witness a series of increasingly disturbing, ghostly occurrences. Personal conflicts are magnified and details of the school’s horrific secrets bubble to the surface. The ante is upped by two thieves who have chosen the night to conduct a heist on the school. 

As the supernatural encounters begin to take a malevolent turn, the students realise they must escape Dhoultham before the night's end...

The film was written by Paul Raschid, directed by Russell England and produced by Neville Raschid for Aviary Films. 


Doctor who


The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit 

The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler lose the TARDIS down a deep chasm, leaving themselves stranded on a space base positioned on a planet in the orbit of a black hole. Meanwhile, an entity who identifies as Satan himself is awakening and beginning to cause chaos amongst the crew. 

The story was told in two episodes; The Impossible Planet and Satan Pit and were broadcast on BBC1 in 2006. 

Both episodes were directed by James Strong and produced by Phil Collinson. 

coronation street


ITV's Coronation Street is the U.K.'s longest-running television soap. The show focuses on the everyday lives of working class people in Manchester, England.


Will played series regular Chris Gray between 2009 and 2011, appearing in over 150 episodes.

Among the episodes he appeared in was the special live edition to celebrate fifty years of the programme being on air. The episode was broadcast live and gained an average of 14.03 million viewers (52.1%), peaking at 14.9 million.