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When I left the Bristol Old Vic twenty years ago, the world of screen acting was a mystery to me. My background was theatre based and I had no idea how to pitch a performance for the camera. Through a painful process of trial and error I eventually started to book roles. Since then I have worked consistently in television and film clocking up hundreds of hours of screen time. I want to share the invaluable lessons I've learned along the way.


This dynamic experience allows actors to hone their ability to respond authentically to a scene partner. It's an excellent opportunity to develop the nuanced skills needed for working with another actor. The sessions are recorded so actors will be sent a compilation of their footage after the session.



Session length: 2 Hours 

Location: central Bath

Price: £50.00 per actor

Daytime and evening appointments available.


I have worked for over two decades in television and film. My experience ranges from regular roles in British soaps and serial drama to American television and feature films. As well as acting I write and direct and have a huge passion for helping actors who are trying to break into TV and film. I can currently be seen playing Gerald Hammond in All Creature Great and Small.


You can see my screen credits here.

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