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Acting For Camera 

When I left drama school, the world of screen acting was a mystery to me. I was desperate to work in front of the camera but whenever I got an audition, time and again, I would go to pieces. I didn’t get a job on screen for 4 years. Through a process of trial and error, I eventually started to land some roles. Since then, I have worked consistently in television and film, clocking up hundreds of hours of screen time. 

There are many obstacles that can get in the way of actors feeling comfortable on camera.  The aim of these sessions is to establish the aspects of screen acting you find difficult and address them,

Relaxation, pitching a performance appropriately and  understanding the technical side of screen acting. These are all things that will give you confidence to deliver a good performance.


One to one sessions


The session can be tailored for any level of experience or ability. 


Prior to the session, I will give you a short monologue to learn and advice on how to prep. During the session we will work through the piece on camera, play back takes and make adjustments to your performance accordingly. 


The aim of the session is build up confidence with the basics; of relaxation, pitch and camera technique.

Session length 2 Hours. 


Paired sessions


Acting is reacting. I will give the actors a short scene to learn and advice on how to prep. During the session we will work on techniques on camera to encourage spontaneity. Listening is a huge part of acting and when the camera is on you, this very basic element can be forgotten. This session allows the actors to practice responding to another actor.


Session length 2 Hours.


One to One   (2hours)      Student Discount

£85                                      £70

Paired (2hours)                  

£160                                   £150

Availability / Location

I offer daytime and evening appointments. All sessions take place in central Bath.

Session footage

For an additional £25 I can offer a fully edited compilation of your work.


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About me

I have been working in front of the camera for over 20 years. My experience ranges from regular roles in British soaps (250 episodes of Coronation Street, 130 episodes of Casualty) to guest leads in serial dramas (Doctor Who, Law and Order, In The Club, Silent Witness...). I have played leads in feature films (The Last Witness, Unspeakable..)  and worked on shows for American TV, Amazon and Netflix (A.D. Kingdom and Empire, Turkish Ice Cream). 


I also have experience in live television having, among other shows, appeared in Strictly Come Dancing!

As well as acting, I direct, so have loads of experiences in working with actors with varying experience and ability. 

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Booking a session

If you would like to check my availability to book a session or require further information, please get in touch by using the contact form below. 

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